The Seilern Origins

Michael SEILER, Protestant master dyer


Johanna Margarethe THAMM



Johann Friedrich Adam SEILER

* Ladenburg am Neckar 1645/46, + Wien 08. 01. 1715

Read philosophy and law at the universities of Heidelberg, Orléans and Padua.

Served as Private Secretary of the Elector Palatine Charles Louis (1649–1680) and was sent on all kinds of diplomatic missions, negotiated inter alia  the marriage settlement between the Princess Palatine Elizabeth Charlotte and the Duke of Orléans 1671; as a Councillor and Secretary of State, he attempted to safeguard the Palatinate politically – Elizabeth Charlotte’s matrimonial bonds, however, proved disastrous for the country in the War of Succession unleashed by Louis XIV 1688-97; fell from the Elector’s favour in 1674 (confined to a room at Heidelberg for half a year).

Entry into Austrian service, conversion; Legation Secretary at Nijmegen; Imperial Aulic Councillor 1680; Knight of the Empire 1684, styled ‘Noble Lord of SEILERN’; Imperial Concommissary with the Permanent Diet at Ratisbon / Regensburg from 1689; Baron of the Empire 1696; Austrian Aulic Chancellor from 1705: Pragmatic Sanction worked out under his direction; Count of the Empire 1712. >  > Pragmatische Sanktion (Oesterreichische)  > Seilern, Vilana-Perlas etc. 


Johann Friedrich KICHELIER 

* Burgau 1676, + Wien 18. 06. 1751 (buried at the Franciscan Monastery)

(de Keuckelier – family from Bruges, with the Heidelberg court upholsterer Arnold de Keuckelier 

* ca 1550, + ca 1615, starting the paternal line), J. F. A. Seilern adopted J. F. K. - his son-in-law or his half-sister’s child - as Baron of the Empire SEILERN in 1697; J. F. (K.)S. be-came equally Count of the Empire in 1712. Postmaster general of the Duchy of Mantua in 1715; member of the imperial knightage within Breisgau in 1718, and of that within Swabia (Canton Danube) in 1720 – both situated among the Austrian Forelands. He was appointed governor of Craniola in 1733 and, replacing Prince Porcia, president of the royal commercial college at Trieste and Fiume. From 1735 he held a key position as Aulic Chancellor in the wide-ranging Austrian home affairs.

Acquired the manors of Erlaa in Lower Austria as well as of Lukov (1724) and Kralitz in Mo-ravia.

X 09-05-1715 Anna Maria  - * Graz 28-06-1682, + 27-12-1773, Dame Star Cross Order – daughter of Count of the Empire John Andrew II Lengheimb, lord of Pertlstein, Kapfenstein, Schwarzenegg, Rheintall, Mössendorf and Heidenfeld as well as of Mary Helena Baroness Maschwander of Schwanau. 

(Lengheimb Palace >  ) 

ten or eleven children.


Note on titles: 

Statesmen like both J. F. Ss could not do their jobs in the Baroque Era without elevated titular status. 

Knight / Baron / Count of the Empire meant that the respective privileges extended to wherev-er the German king’s / emperor’s writ ran.

Christian Seilern wedding Caroline Solms was rather unusual. The Solms were tenants-in-chief with a group vote in the Princes Council of the German Diet. Marrying someone whose family had no vote meant loss of their own standing because the children took up the lower station. Unions with families who had no vote were generally avoided. Schaerffenberg, to be sure, did not conform in status either.

(1) Maria Josepha Rosina, * 08-02-1716, + Neumarktl 04-08-1790, Dame Star Cross Order

X  09-04-1747
Count of the Empire Maria Joseph Ignatius Simon William Auersperg Baron of Schönberg and Seisenberg, lord in primogeniture of the estate in tail of Neuhaus, Sonnegg, Nadlischek and Alt-Guttenberg, 
+ at Auersperg 15-01-1806 

(2) Christian Augustine Philip Andrew, * 22-04-1717, + Vienna 15-10-1801 – buried at Maria Stiep nr Lukov,

lord of Erlaa, Hetzendorf, Litschau and Reingers (Lower Austria) – Lukov, Kralitz, Zieranovitz, Alt-Titschein, Přilep, Martinitz, Kurovitz and Střebetitz in Moravia, hereditary dynastic postmaster general of the Duchy of Mantua, hereditary dynastic lord high steward of the kitchen in Carinthia, imperial and royal privy councillor and chamberlain, retired viceregent and president of the Supreme Court and Department of Justice, Great Cross of Hungarian Order of St. Stephen
X Vienna 06-02-1741 
Countess of the Empire Carolina Maria Frances Solms-Braunfels-Sonnenwalde * 16-06-1725, + Vienna 27-03-1783, Dame Star Cross Order, daughter of Count of the Empire Frederick Everard Solms-Braunfels, Beilenberg, Münzenberg, Wildenfels and Sonnenwalde, lord of Hilmersdorf and Wendisch-Sohland as well as of Countess of the Empire Mary Caroline Louise of Schaerffenberg, Noble Lady of Hohenwang of the Krottenhofen branch  >   / 

six children                                                 

(3) Philip Jacob, * 19-06-1718, + Vienna 14-09-1790, Papal Domestic Prelate, Diocesan Can-on at Brixen, Mitred Provost at Agram (Zagreb)

(4) John Hardman, * 1719, + 14-01-1737, Imperial Cavalry Captain in 6th Cuirassier Regiment

(5) Ernest Frederick John Nepomucenus, * 1722, + 03-03-1741

(6) Ludovica Theresa, * 14-06-1723, + Vienna 18-10-1802, Canoness of St Clare’s Convent at the Gate of Heaven

(7) rederica, * 1724, +  Vienna 30-09-1748, Canoness of St Clare’s Convent at the Gate of Heaven

(8) Louise, * 25-03-1725, + Vienna 02-10-1781, Canoness of St Clare’s Convent at the Gate of Heaven
       (today: Mautner-Markhof-Gasse 40) > 

(9) Mary Elizabeth, * 11-07-1728, + Graz 14-06-1805, Dame Star Cross Order                                

       X (I) 18-09-1753 

Anthony Frederick von Metzsch + Vienna 05-03-1755
X (II.) 1761
Count of the Empire Francis Charles Victor John Galler von Schwarzenegg, lord of the estate in tail of Schwamberg, Waldschach and Lannach + Graz 14-12-1768 

(10) Gundacker Philip Jacob John Nepomucene * 1730, + 17-04-1731

(11) Rosine * + ??? (Wurzbach)

(1) John Frederick * 1741, + 17-12-1763, imperial royal chamberlain

(2) Maria Theresa Josepha Antonia Joanna Nepomucena Frances de Paula Ludovica 

* Vienna 25-08 / + V. 07-12-1742

(3) Maria Anna * 1743, + 19-01-1765, Dame Star Cross Order

X 09-06-1761
Count of the Empire Raymond von Vilana-Perlas + Vienna 21-08-1764, buried at the Almshouse Church Alserstraße 

(4) Joseph John Frederick * Vienna 25-08-1752, + V. 26-03-1838, imperial royal privy councillor and chamberlain, retired Austrian ambassador

X (I) 19-02-1776
Countess of the Empire Maria Christiana (daughter of Charles Joseph Anthony John Adam Constantine Prince of the Empire von Auersperg, Duke of Gottschee, Princely Count of Thengen and Mitterburg, Count of Wels, Baron of Schönberg and Seisenberg, lord of the estate in tail of Weichselberg, Groß-Pölland on Kilp, Gschwend and Losensteinleuthen and of Maria Josepha Rosalia Ernestine Frances de Paula Joanna Nepomucena Ludovica Trautson Countess of the Empire von Falkenstein, Baroness of Sprechenstein and Schroffenstein, of Ennsegg, Köppach, Roith, St. Pantaleon, Steinbach, Grobming, Poisbrunn, Wlaschim and Matrei) * 18-02-1754, 
+ Vienna 23-06-1791, Dame Star Cross Order 

X (II) 11. 01. 1795

Countess of the Empire Maria Crescentia Josepha Notgera (daughter of Prince of the Empire Anton Ernest Joseph Ignatius of Oettingen-Spielberg and of Countess of the Empire Maria Theresa Waldburga Eusebia of Waldburg-Friedberg-Trauchburg) * 30-01-1765, + Vienna 24-07-1828, imperial royal lady of the bedchamber, Dame Star Cross Order 

(5) Carl Maria Fridolin Jacob * Ratisbon 06-03-1754, +

(6) Christian Ignatius Carl Andrew Augustine Jacob Joseph * Ratisbon 30-11-1756, + Brünn / Brno 05-05-1806, imperial royal chamberlain and gubernial councillor, lord of the manor at Alttitschein

X Graz 26-08-1787 

Countess of the Empire Maria Maximiliana Ferdinanda Josepha Frances Seraphina Joanna Nepomucena Anna Wurmbrand-Stuppach (daughter of Count of the Empire Maria Philip Neri Cajetan Francis de Paula Joseph John Nepumucene Jude Thaddeus Aloysius of Wurmbrand-Stuppach, Baron von Steyersberg, Stickelberg, Raitenau, Neuhaus, Sachsenbrunn and Schieleiten and of Countess Maria Anna Josepha von Stubenberg-Oberkapfenberg) * Graz 30-01-1770,  + Vienna 30-01-1838, imperial royal lady of the bedchamber, Dame Star Cross Order 

(X (II) 02-02-1834 Count of the Empire Henry William Gundacker Vincent Ferrer Francis Xaverius 

Anthony of Padua Joseph Aloysius Felix Ferdinand of Wurmbrand-Stuppach, Baron of Steyersberg, Stickelberg, Raitenau and Neuhaus, lord in primogeniture of the estate in tail of Sachensenbrunn, Schwarzau, Hochwolkersdorf and Aschau, * Graz 30-05-1762, + Vienna 21-04-1847) 

eight children

(1) Christian August Joseph * 03-03-1789, + Graz 08-02-1812, imperial royal chamberlain

(2) Maria Christina * 28-02-1790, + 30-04-1802

(3) Francis Xaverius * 20-05 / + June 1791

(4) Joseph August Thomas John Nepomucenus Thaddeus * Holleschau 22-06-1793,  

+ Vienna 19-03-1761, lord of the estate in tail of Litschau, Kralitz, Lukov, Zieranovitz, Přilep, Kurovitz, Martinitz, Střebietitz and Alt-Titschein, hereditary dynastic lord high steward of the kitchen in Carinthia, hereditary dynastic postmaster general in Mantua, knight of honour of the Teutonic Order, imperial royal chamberlain, retired royal treasury secretary, honorary curator of First Savings Bank Vienna, vice-president of the Choirmasters Association 

X (I)Vedröd 22-06-1817 Countess Maria Leopoldina Zichy (daughter of Count Francis Seraphicus Joseph Zichy von Vásonykeö, lord of Seregélyes, Diószeg, Philipphof and Wrbitz, and of Countess Amelia Anna Josepha Fidelis Salesia Esterházy von Galantha-Altsohl) * 10-08-1800, + Vienna 16-03-1828, Dame Star Cross Order  

X (II) Dresden 20-06-1830

Antonia Aemiliana Augusta von Krosigk (daughter of Dedo von Krosigk (1776-1857), lord of the estate in tail of Laublingen, Mukrena, Besedau and Benkendorf, administrator of the Saal district, dean of the cathedral chapter at Naumburg, knight of justice of the Order of St John, hereditary lord high steward of the Duchy of Magdeburg, royal Prussian gubernatorial privy councillor, member of the Prussian Privy Council, and of Augusta Louise Joanna Peninna von Hagen-Nienburg) * Poplitz 20-10-1911, + Reichenhall 15-06-1877 

(I) five children    (II) eight children

(5) Maria Anna * 24-07-1794, + 1794

(6) Francis Xaverius August Otto * Olmütz / Olomouc 23-03-1796, + 1813

(7) Maria Joanna (Jenny) Nepomucena Carolina Juliana * 09-07-1797, + Baden nr Vienna 21-12-1870

X 15-04-1822
Baron Anthony Maria Mayer von Fahnenberg, lord of Burkheim, Amoltern, Einödhausen and Melkers, + Rotweil 03-03-1861  

+ Rotweil 03. 03. 1861 > 

(8) Maria Crescentia (Crescence) Carolina Maximiliana Joanna * Brünn / Brno 13-05-1799,

+ Klein-Zinkendorf 30-07-1875, imperial royal lady of the bedchamber, Dame Star Cross Order

X (I) 03-08-1819 Count Carl Anton Aloysius Zichy von Vásonykeö, lord of St. Niklo and Leiden, 

* Vienna 20-06-1778, + Ofen / Buda 15-12-1834 

X (II) Ofen / Buda 04-02-1836 Count Stephen Széchényi von Sarvár and Felsö-Vidék, lord of Pölöske, * Vienna 21-09-1791, + Döbling / Vienna 08-04-1860 – two sons 




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Dr. Christian Walderdorff